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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Indian Party Menus & Party Themes/Party ideas

Indian Party Menus & Party Themes

Here i got so much information from other sites in internet n i am gathering all information in one place Related to party ideas..
There are different types of partys we do in our lifes but we dnt know some times what to do..so here ae some ideas of different  partys.

1.Super Bowl Party Bash Menu
2.New Year's Eve Party
3.Kids Get Togethers
4.Indian Picnic
5.Indian Pot-Luck Dinners
6.Chaat Party
7.Kid's Birthday Party
8.Indian BBQ Party
9.Indian High Tea Party
10.Weekly Menu Planning - 12 Tips

                                                     SUPER BOWL PARTY BASH

Whether you are a die hard sports fan or just want to watch the crazy one of a kind Super Bowl ads that run the sponsors millions of dollars, you will be glued to your High Def sets getting a good dose of ads, punts and touch downs. Planning to have a few friends over? Take a look at some menu suggestions for game day !

check for recipes. Or go to your nearest Indian Grocery store to buy Indian Snakcs !!!!

Coriander Chutney
Bombay Bhel Puri
Pani Puri
Dahi Vada

                                                              New Year's Eve Party

Every year we look forward to greeting a brand new year. And we say it's that time of the year again. Parties, Parties everywhere ! Plan yours today. Plan your New Year's Party at least a month or two ahead. Ask your favorite friends and family what they have planned for that night. Take this poll early, maybe in November. You can also think of inviting "new" friends and people who do not yet know each other. Its a great time for new people to met.

If you have a guest list in place for your new year's party. Your next thing is to choose a THEME for that night. Also plan some PARTY GAMES making sure you include and keep all your guests entertained. Remember to introduce the guests who don't know each other. This makes everyone comfortable. Try to spend a little special time with as many people as you can.

Start your party LATE around 8.00 pm

Have a lot of FINGER FOOD scattered around many tables.

This is a great time to make that PUNCH

Have the Party Hats and Blow Horns ready for 12 o'clock.

Have some fresh Finger Foods for later. Keep them coming.

If you've planned well, you should be spending your time mingling, not cooking and serving.

To make life easier Plan a New Year's Eve Party in an Indian Restaurant. You will also find many Indian restaurants offering New Year's Eve Party Packages. So check you local Indian restaurant.

Only Snacks Menu - Choose from

Tandoori Tikka
Sali Seekh
Bhel Puri
Batata Wada
Coriander Chutney
Tamarind Chutney
Carrot Halwa
Drinks - alcoholic and non-alcoholic

                                                                Kids Get-togethers

Get the kids together for an evening of fun and games. Plan one evening and invite your kids playmates for 1 to 2 hours after school. Make sure you invite an odd number of kids as you always want an even number of kids including your child, so that no one kids feels left out. Simple menus are always the way to go.

Plan a "Fun Activity". For fun kid ideas Click Here

Plan to go to a nearby "Park".

Plan a "Running In The Sprinkler" get together.

Plan a "Play In The Snow" get together.

Watch a Favorite "New" Movie together.

Menu 1

Cucumber & Green Chutney (mild) Sandwiches
Juice Boxes
Kaju Katli (kids love this - they call it "Indian Diamonds")

Menu 2

Idli or Mini Idlis with Mild Green Chutney (kids will love this portable snack)
Mini Samosas
Bugles or Doritos
Strawberry or Banana Milk Shake (don't make it too thick in consistency)
Tiny Gulab Jamun

                                                                    Indian Picnic

Picnics in the summer time are great. Call up 2 to 3 of your favorite friends/neighbors/family. Hook up with people who have kids of the same age as your kids. Choose a picnic area, maybe some place that you have not visited in your area. Look up your map and choose a state park or a local park. Here are some things you might need .

Picnic Basket
Big Blanket
Big Ball to throw around
BBQ tools if barbequing
Badminton Racquets and shuttlecock
And ofcourse food !
Here are some suggestions
Chutney Sandwiches
Cheese Sandwiches
Fresh Fruit
Tandoori Chicken
Masala Peanuts
Puri Bhaaji
Masala Chai
Sev/kaara poosa
Water & Soda

                                                         CHAAT PARTY

"Chaat" is often used as a generic term to describe certain street foods.

Crunchy, tangy, hot and sweet flavors combine to make Chaat delicious to eat as a snack or a great alternative to a meal.

Mostly North Indian in origin, they make a great alternative to a meal because they're wholesome, quick and easy to prepare. Chaats are always made fresh and eaten immediately. They combine tangy, hot and sweet tastes together. The result is always addictive! You can tell it is so by the crowds that line up alongside roadside Chaat stalls in India!

Chaat Parties are becoming more and more popular ! In the Chicago area there are restaurants that will send out someone to your house and arrange for freshly made bhel puri, pani puri and more.

Organize a chaat party for a large or small crowd. Traditional Indian sweets are a good dessert idea for this meal.
If you don't want to make the chutneys from scratch get them from the Indian grocery store. Bhel mix & Puris are also readily available. Additionally, you will need chopped tomato, onion, green chilies, coriander leaves. Keep everything chopped before hand; do not leave any chopping for the last minute. Assemble the chaat with the green and tamarind chutneys just before serving, as it will get soggy.

Bhel Puri also serve plain sukha (dry) bhel without the chutneys

Pani Puri
Sev Batata Puri is the same as dahi batata puri but without the yogurt.
Dahi Sev Batata Puri
Pav Bhaaji
Chole Poori
Ragda Patties

                                                              POT LUCK DINNER PARTY

Pot Luck dinners are now becoming the rave of the "Busy" and "Working" families who would like together but do not have the time to throw elaborate parties. But at the same time want to get together with friends and family.

Pot Luck Dinners are a great way to get together for either a "Couples-only" dinner groups or "Family Get togethers". Set the menu ahead of time and assign each person a course.

If it in your neighborhood, you can do a "Progressive Dinner", which means you can go from house to house for each course. It's a new way to make your dinner parties memorable and at the same time share the preparation effort between all the guests. A Progressive Dinner allows you to get to know your neighbors and enhance community spirit.

When organizing a "pot luck", there should be one person organising it. Select a menu and distribute the menu to all who are attending. As usual plan ahead.

Getting together with family and friends for a dinner party with the soothing sounds of Ravi Shankar's sitar in the background is a great way to entertain. Unless you have many tables and can arrange a wait staff, hosting large groups is best accommodated with buffet service.

Choose foods that are easy to serve and easy to eat. Avoid dishes that require cutting with a knife and fork if guests will be balancing plates on their laps. Therefore Chicken tikka is a better choice than Tandoori chicken.

It's important to arrange the buffet table to facilitate traffic and make things easy on your guests.

Non-Veg Menu

Sali Seekh
Green Chutney
Jeera Papads
Cucumber Raita
Chicken Biryani
Gajar Halwa

Veg Menu

Corriander Chutney
Carrot Koshimbir
Mutter Panner
Jeera Rice
Chole Bhatura

Fun Menu

Pav Bhaaji
Dinner Rolls
Bhel Puri
Ragda Patties
Gulab Jamun

                                                            Kids Birthday Party

You returned from a birthday party last month and thought to yourself--"How did she do that? Every thing was perfect the kids had fun and Mom and Dad seemed so calm!" There are two possibilities...She either hired a party planner or she was organized and prepared. Planning your child's birthday party can be a lot of fun and making this day special will be up to you, so that you create memories to last their lifetime. It's birthday time and you are probably wondering how you can get everything done in time. Age appropriate party planning.

Many moms believe that hosting a birthday party is filled with more energy, creativity and patience than they can muster. Not true! Children remember what they did at a party much more than what they ate, what the plates and napkins looked like or whether the house was spotless. Don't sweat the little details!

the best party times are....1:00 - 3:00 or 2:00 - 4:00 You can avoid serving a meal. For little ones try 10:00am -11:30 to work around nap time.

The Invitation Equation

Child's age + 1 = happy kids For children under 8 years old, invite as many children as the child's age plus one. Some parents choose to add 1 or 2 to this equation. Only you can know your limits. Of course as your child gets much older the formula will need revision.

Who to Invite

Parties for very young children, more often than not will include family members; cousins, siblings etc.As your child gets older, invite only your child's closest playmates. They already know each other well. Friends from daycare, school, Sunday school and neighbors.


No one should go home a Loser! Competitive games are enjoyable only for the people who win. A party should be Fun...Avoid tears by selecting games that everyone gets a chance to succeed. If it's a game like musical chairs, where some one is out, make them the leader of the music. Then let the player join back in after one round. Better yet, plan a few cooperative games, in which the whole gang faces a challenge, such as following a treasure map, then they each receive a prize or split the treasure evenly.

Prepare ALL of the activities, games etc. before the party. This enables you to focus on the kids when the party begins. Ask a friend , family member or neighbor to help with the party. It's likely you have a neighborhood teenager who would love to help, when offered a few dollars for their time.

It is usually best to get the invitations mailed out two weeks before the party, and if the birthday is around a holiday, three weeks would be even better. Plan kids parties early on the day. Kids do well during the day

Menu 1

Cucumber & Green Chutney (mild) Sandwiches
Juice Boxes
Kaju Katli (kids love this - they call it "Indian Diamonds")
Menu 2
Idli or Mini Idlis with Mild Green Chutney (kids will love this portable snack)
Mini Samosas
Bugles or Doritos
Strawberry or Banana Milk Shake (don't make it too thick in consistency)
Tiny Gulab Jamun
Menu 3
Chole Bhature

                                                                           Indian Barbeque

Summer time and BBQ's are inevitable ! Here are some suggestions for an Indian BBQ.
Tandoori Murgh - Barbecued whole chicken with tandoori masala
Malai Murgh Tikka - Mild yogurt marinade for boneless chicken
Sali Seekh - Succulent meat kebabs on a skewer
Chicken Reshmi Kebab
Rice 'n Naan
Saffron Pilaf - Saffron flavored buttered rice
Naan - Indian Flat Bread

Bhutta - Indian roasted corn
Salads 'n Chutneys
Kachumber - Indian Salsa type salad
Aloo Ka Raita - Indian Potato Salad
Mint Chutney
Mint Raita - Mint flavored spicy yogurt dip
Onion Salat - Pickled onions

Fruits 'n Desserts
Mango Ice cream
Lassi - Cool flavored yogurt drink
Mangoes - King Of Fruits
Grilled Pineapple with Cool Whip

                                                                           TEA  PARTY

Sometimes it is great to get together with friends between the hours of 1 pm to 4pm, after lunch and before the kids get home from school. Make sure that you keep to a simple yet colorful menu. A couple of snacks with one dessert or sweet with a drink of your choice will make this kind of entertaining very easy.

Menu 1
Green Chutney
WaterMelon - Cashew Pistacio Rolls
Masala Chai
Potato Chips

Menu 2
Mint Chutney
Cold Coffee with Ice Cream
Gajar Halwa

Menu 3
Pav Bhaaji
Mango Lassi

                                                   Tips on Planning a Week's Menu

Sometimes I think we need to take the time to change the recipes we cook week after week. So here are some great tips to do just that. Planning is the key...even if it is in your mind....Take the time to write cause it sure does help.

But before you plan you might want to ask your family to suggest some dishes....some that they would love to eat. This will give you a great start. Sometimes, even they don't realize that it is pretty tough to come up with delicious as well as nutritious meals day after day.

1. Make sure you have at least 2 green leafy veges in a week.

2. Plan for wholesome and well balanced meals....that means make sure you have one salad/raita everyday !

3. Plan for vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.....alternate days. Keep in mind that your family's health is in your hands and so plan on serving them healthy food.

4. Plan a simple menu, using dishes you usually make...easily.

5. Write down the ingredients you would need for the week using your menu.

6. Try only 1 or 2 new recipes each week so that with time you can add variety in your family meals.

7. You might want to start a list of recipes that become your family's favorite. Arrange them in different

categories....appetizers, non-veg, veg, rice dishes...etc. I have seen that sometimes we forget what they had liked when you had made it.

8. Keep this book in the kitchen itself so it is easily accessible whenever required.

9. Look in your refrigerator to see what you can use this week. Look for recipes on the net using those ingredients.

10. Make a variety of menus - include all kinds of

cuisines....Indian, Italian, Chinese, Thai etc.

11. Make use of leftovers from previous meals and turn them into a dish by itself for the next day.

12. Once your menu is planned....either in your mind or on

paper.....making a list for groceries is very very essential....this way you will not forget anything and/or buy any extras.....especially when you go grocery shopping when hungry ! :)

Hope these few tips help you with your menu planning !


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