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Monday, 9 January 2012


                                                  Find Out Your Partner 

party games prove worthy to make the day fun-filled and interesting. Identify your partner is one such romantic game perfect for couples. The game is best played among couples as it is all about identifying your partner correctly! It is a fun game and can be played among small as well as large groups. Read on further to know how to play "Identify your partner".

How To Play Identify Your Partner

Separate girls from guys.

Blindfold one guy at a time and lead them in a room where the girls are sitting in different places.

He should go about carefully and choose his partner correctly.

Keep track of time, as it will help decide the winner.

You have all the liberty of distracting him by yelling, screaming and clapping to mislead him.

The guy who gets his partner wrong gets a punishment, which is a silly task like yell like Tarzan or stand on your head.

After all guys finish, it is time to blindfold the girls and do the same.

The partners who find each other the fastest are the winners and are presented a gift
You can do some variation for kids :
Write down all the names in small papers and fold then n put them in a bowl
make a circle with the gropu of kids close eyes with bling fold to one and ask him to take out one kid name from bowl  ask him/her find to out that perticular kid..the game goes like that one by one..
check the timer who is finding in less time or you can put time limit too


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